Deliciously Sustainable Restaurants for Dining in Paris

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Did you know that a quarter of all carbon emissions come from food production? Common acts like growing, storing, refrigerating, packaging, and disposing of food lead to higher carbon output and increased energy consumption.  

As consumers grow more conscious of our individual carbon footprint, we must act now to change the way we consume food. One way to do this is to seek out eco-friendly dining establishments. 

Restaurants are some of the biggest carbon offenders. According to experts, the energy consumption of restaurants and cafes is similar to supermarkets and wholesalers. Restaurants are also more likely to rely on fossil fuels than supermarkets.

If we want to meet the targets laid out in the Paris Agreement, it’s time to dine at establishments that share our environmental goals. 

There are many ways restaurants can go low carbon, such as using locally sourced seasonal fruit and vegetables, ensuring food ingredients are sustainably certified by local suppliers. Other options can be to create meat-free menus and reduce food and energy waste.

With innovations such as biodegradable packaging, plant-based meat, there’s no excuse for restaurants to fall behind on their eco-commitments.

Here is a list of great restaurants to eat well in Paris. WIth fresh and healthy products, we’ve selected mostly organic & sustainable restaurants.

Le Potager du Marais

Address: 26 Rue Saint-Paul, 75004 Paris, France

Le Potager du Marais is located in the heart of Paris chic district, le Marais. The company’s mission is to show eaters that it is possible to make delicious tasting authentic French cuisine without using animal products. LPM offers a vegan twist to traditional French cuisine. This way, tourists can receive an authentic cuisine experience, knowing that their meals are 100 percent organic and are made without animal products or unfair animal treatment. The restaurant even partners up with companies that only support organic farming and fair trade practices.

Besides being vegan and organic, LPM also provides a wide selection of gluten-free food. Gluten-free foods are marked on the menu with a small symbol next to the dish’s name. 

Le Recyclerie

Address: 83 Boulevard Ornano, 75018 Paris, France

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are the three core principles that guide the Recyclerie’s conception. All the restaurant’s scraps go to the composter.  

Once an abandoned train station, The Recyclerie was remodeled into a trendy eco-friendly cafe-canteen. Eco-lovers and travelers should visit for the picturesque views alone. When the restaurant is not serving food, it also doubles into a workshop and outdoor urban garden filled with plenty of interesting plants and a compost area. For those who require a quieter setting, the restaurant also has secluded upstairs seating. Otherwise, restaurant-goers can take their meals outside.

 The Recyclerie is famous for its tasty homemade brunch, complete with lots of yummy vegan and vegetarian options.

Les Résistants

Address: 6-18 Rue du Château d’Eau, 75010 Paris, France

Like their name, the founders went against the grain and distanced themselves from partnering with mass-market food distributors who had little care for the environment. Instead, Les Résistants only works with small local producers who value healthy eating, focusing on respecting the environment. 

They select products that are grown and raised sustainably according to the seasons. As a result, their menus change not only seasonally but daily as well. Every day offers a new food tasting adventure at this French restaurant.

Les Résistants serves both meat and meatless options. Although some may find the restaurant to be pricey, the restaurant’s high-quality food and ethically sourced principles make this restaurant a must-try in our books.

Soya Cantine Bio

Address: 20 rue de la pierre levée 75011 PARIS

Soya has undoubtedly one of the best plant-based kitchens in Paris. It received an Experts’ Choice award in 2019. This is an astonishing feat, as less than 2% of restaurants worldwide have received this honorary award. 

The restaurant started out serving fully organic vegetarian dishes, but as of 2017, it transitioned into a fully vegan restaurant. The plates are not traditionally French, and much of their food is influenced by Italian, Japanese, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisines. 

Among vegan and non-vegan foodies, Soya is famous for its all-you-can-eat Vegan Brunch. On Sundays, the restaurant serves the food buffet-style, with plenty of options to satisfy all palates. Besides vegan dishes, restaurant-goers will also find plenty of brunch suggestions.

Sol Semilla

Address: 23 Rue des Vinaigriers 75010 Paris, France

Are you searching for a cozy, warm atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious ethically sourced food? Look no further.

Sol Semilla’s mission is to create a “virtuous food adventure” for their customers while running a sustainable business. They ensure that all areas of their supply chain are ethical and go through rigorous steps to make sure that their food is ethically produced, stored, and packaged.

Situated near the famous Canal St. Martin, Sol Semilla serves a delicious array of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free foods. Many of their foods contain superfoods like maca, yacon, and guarana.  

VG Patisserie (Honorable Mention)

Address: 123 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris

Although this is not your traditional restaurant, we felt this list would be incomplete without mentioning this Vegan Patisserie.

It’s often hard to master the perfect vegan dessert. This restaurant manages the impossible task of creating authentic French pastries while honoring their eco commitments to the planet. VG Patisserie encourages guests to adhere to their zero waste policy and asks them to bring reusable cups and utensils. Almost all of the bakery’s pastries are organic, non-GMO, and made with ethically produced food.    

We recommend VG patisserie whether or not you are vegan. Their mouthwatering almond croissant and lemon meringue tart will leave you wanting more.  

Looking to eat low carbon on your next Parisian vacation? Check out our sustainable trips in the French capital! These all-inclusive packages allow tourists to explore, stay, and eat their way through Paris on a lighter carbon footprint.

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