How to Plan a Sustainable Trip to Paris

Paris eco trip

After months of lockdowns and travel restrictions, we have good news for fellow travelers eager to return to the City of Love! The French government has lifted its travel ban on foreign countries this month and travelers who show proof of vaccination may once again enter French territory. While people are quick to look online […]

Deliciously Sustainable Restaurants for Dining in Paris

Did you know that a quarter of all carbon emissions come from food production? Common acts like growing, storing, refrigerating, packaging, and disposing of food lead to higher carbon output and increased energy consumption.   As consumers grow more conscious of our individual carbon footprint, we must act now to change the way we consume food. […]

Paris Day Trips to the Great Outdoors

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the city can make you crave something a little more down-to-earth, shall we say. If you fancy a forest or simply a break from the crowds, you’re in luck! The local train lines – RER and Transilien – can carry you away to greener pastures. You’ll discover lush landscapes, […]