Calculating Carbon Offset

How we offset your trip


1. Measure carbon emissions

From transport to accommodation and waste, we measure the main sources of emissions on our trips. These are estimations based on the average daily consumption rates of international travelers. Emissions from air travel (although significant) are not included in our calculations since we do not include flights in our trips.

We measure the emissions produced from your hotel stay, average daily public transportation, train transportation during your eco-excursion.


2. Reduce wherever possible

Travel Neutral takes a responsible approach in every aspect of our business. We operate 100% online, eliminating the waste from physical office space. Plus, you might have noticed that our website is 100% carbon neutral and is hosted on an eco-friendly server.

We design our trips to have the lowest carbon impact possible and encourage the use of public transport, offer travelers reusable water bottles, and only partner with sustainably certified hotels.


3. Compensate with credits

Carbon offsetting alone is not enough to combat climate change, but it is one way to invest in green technologies. We offset the unavoidable emissions generated by our trips with carbon credits purchased through atmosfair  on a monthly basis. These offsets directly fund renewable energy projects in 15 developing countries around the world.

Currently, 90 % of atmosfair’s carbon offset projects adhere to the CDM Gold Standard, the strictest standard available for climate protection projects.