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The following booking conditions together form the basis of your contract with Travel Neutral, LLC. Please read them carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations. In these booking conditions, “you” and “your” means all persons named on the booking or any of them as applicable (including anyone who is added or substituted at a later date) and “departure” means the start date of the trip arrangements you have booked with us. “We”, “us” and “our” means Travel Neutral, LLC Company.

You may book with us directly or through our website The person making the booking (“the party leader”) must be at least 18 and must be authorised to make the booking on the basis of these booking conditions by all persons named on the booking. By making the booking, the party leader confirms that he/she is so authorised and that all party members agree to be bound by these booking conditions. The party leader is responsible for making all payments due to us. 


All prices, unless specified otherwise, are in US dollars. However, users may choose to pay in EUR or GBP at checkout. Prices may be increased at any time and for any reason. Prices are based on double occupancy. Solo travellers will be charged a single supplement of 30%. There is no minimum deposit required.

Payment Methods

Residents of Canada and the United States of America may pay on-line using Visa, Visa Debit, JCB, Discover, American Express or MasterCard credit cards. Depending on your location, some of the credit cards mentioned before may not be accepted.

Your booking options include to pay in full or to pay two instalments. The complete payment of your trip total must be made within 7 days of the start date of your trip. We reserve the right to cancel any booking as a result of unfinished payments. We reserve the right to decline any booking at our discretion. Your credit card account will be debited and you will be informed of that transaction by means of the invoice sent to you at the time of booking. You agree to comply with booking terms and conditions whether or not you have manually signed an invoice or receipt.

Booking of travel services constitutes a contract between the customer and Travel Neutral.

You may cancel your confirmed trip booking at any time prior to departure. Should you need to do so, the party leader must immediately advise us in writing. Your notice of cancellation will only be effective when it is received in writing by us. If you cancel your booking, the cancellation terms set out below will apply:

(a) 7 days or more prior to departure, you will be fully refunded for the amount paid.


(b) 6 days or fewer prior to departure, you will be refunded 50% of your total booking price and we will retain the remaining 50% of monies paid by you in connection with your booking.

No refunds will be given in respect of activities which are included in your booking and then do not take part in whilst on holiday. If you wish to transfer your place on your booking to another person (introduced by you), you may do so provided the person to whom you are transferring your place satisfies all conditions which form part of your contract with us. Requests for a transfer must be made not less than 7 days before departure and must be accompanied by the name and other applicable details of the person who is intended to replace you. 

After you have reserved your trip on the website, Travel Neutral will promptly e-mail you an invoice confirming your purchase. The details of your itinerary, including e-ticket, hotel reservation, and airport transfer information, will be provided at least 14 days prior to your start date.

Reception of this invoice constitutes your final opportunity to verify the accuracy of the information that will be entered on your travel documents. Please contact Travel Neutral immediately upon receipt of your invoice if you note any discrepancies, failing which Travel Neutral shall not be liable for any errors and/or omissions related to your booking.

There is no travel insurance cover included in the price of any ticket, tour, trip or product represented on the website. We consider adequate and appropriate travel insurance to be a pre-requisite to booking. You and your belongings are at all times solely at your own risk. You must ensure that you have personal travel insurance with protection for the full duration of the trip in respect of at least medical expenses, injury, death, repatriation, cancellation and curtailment, with adequate and appropriate cover including medical emergency repatriation.

Please ensure that there are no exclusion clauses limiting or excluding protection for the type of activities included in your trip. You must ensure that all travel insurance purchased meets your particular requirements and you should arrange supplementary insurance if need be.

Please read your policy details carefully and take them with you on holiday. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance you purchase provides adequate cover. We do not check insurance policies and cannot be liable for any expenses incurred as a result of your not having adequate, appropriate or valid insurance cover. 

You acknowledge that the nature of the trip may be adventurous and participation involves a degree of personal risk. You may be visiting places where the political, cultural and geographical attributes present dangers and physical challenges greater than those present in our daily lives. Outside of the United States and Canada, living standards and local practices, as well as conditions with respect to the provision of services and accommodation, may differ from those to which you are accustomed to.

You acknowledge that you are choosing to travel at a time where you may be exposed to the COVID-19 virus. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure your safety and may require you to follow additional safety protocols on your trip. 

We use information from government foreign departments and reports from our own contacts in assessing whether the itinerary should operate. However, it is also your own responsibility to acquaint yourself with all relevant travel information, including applicable health risks and the nature of your itinerary. You acknowledge that your decision to travel is made in light of consideration of this information and you accept that you are aware of the personal risks attendant upon such travel. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we accept no liability in relation to these additional risks.

You acknowledge that Travel Neutral acts as a middle-person between you and carriers, hotels, tour operators and other service/product providers selected by you. Consequently, Travel Neutral cannot be held liable towards you or your fellow travelers for the services rendered, and/or the products offered, by such third party providers. Travel Neutral shall not be liable and assumes no risk for the obligations, or any default or negligence, of third-party providers and for any damages including, among other things, damages due to delay, cancellation, loss of goods, sickness, injury, accident, quality of services, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, disappointment, acts of God or force majeure.

The price of your trip does not include:

  • International or internal flights 
  • Excess baggage charges 
  • Meals other than those specified in the Itinerary
  • Local tourists taxes and gratuities 
  • Visa and passport fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Optional activities and all personal expenses.

Minimum Age:

For the majority of our trips, the minimum age is 12 at the time of travel. All travellers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian, or in lieu of a legal guardian, by an escort over the age of 18, appointed by their legal guardian. The legal guardian or their designee will be responsible for the traveller under the age of 18’s day to day care. If a legal guardian elects to designate an escort in their lieu, they will be required to complete and sign a relevant document, to delegate their authority.

Maximum Age:

For the majority of our trips, we have no upper age limit though we remind you that our trips can be physically demanding and passengers must ensure that they are suitably fit to allow full participation. We can provide details on mandatory health requirements; however, we are not medical experts. It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain proper and detailed medical advice at least two months prior to travel for the latest health requirements and recommendations for your destination. 

It is your responsibility to obtain information and to have in your possession all the required documentation and identification required for entry, departure and travel to each country or region you visit on your trip. This includes a valid passport and all travel documents required by the relevant governmental authorities including all visas, permits and certificates (including but not limited to vaccination or medical certificates) and insurance policies. Your passport must be valid 6 months after the last date of travel with is as set out on your itinerary. You accept full responsibility for obtaining all such documents, visas and permits prior to the start of the trips, and you are solely responsible for the full amount of costs incurred as a result of missing or defective documentation. You agree that you are responsible for the full amount of any loss or expense incurred by us that is a direct result of your failure to secure or be in possession of proper travel documentation.

You appreciate and acknowledge that the nature of this type of travel requires considerable flexibility and you should allow for alternatives. The itinerary provided for each trip is representative of the types of activities contemplated, but it is understood that the route, schedules, itineraries, amenities and mode of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice due to local circumstances or events.

While we endeavour to operate all trips as described we reserve the right to change the trip itinerary. 

Before departure:  If we make a major change we will inform you as soon as reasonably possible if there is time before departure. The definition of a major change is deemed to be a change affecting at least one day in five of the itinerary. When a major change is made you may choose between accepting the change, obtaining a refund of money paid on the land portion of the trip only or accepting an alternative trip offered.

After departure:  We reserve the right to change an itinerary after departure due to local circumstances or a Force Majeure Event. In such emergency circumstances, the additional cost of any necessary itinerary alterations will be covered by you. 

Images featured on this Site are for information purposes only: images and other graphic content should not be relied upon for the purposes of your booking and cannot be considered as part of this agreement.

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