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An alternative travel company

Who is Travel Neutral?

Travel Neutral is an alternative travel start-up committed to curbing carbon emissions wherever possible. Our mission is to transform travel throughout Europe by offering all-inclusive packages in top travel destinations, producing the largest possible impact in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The tourism industry accounts for 8% of total global carbon emissions – it’s time to take that down a notch! At Travel Neutral, we believe low-impact travel should be the standard, not a luxury. Hitting the 2050 goals laid out in the Paris Accord means revolutionizing the way we travel.

We are proud to be one of the only sustainable travel companies committed to 100% carbon neutrality and hope to inspire others to follow in our footsteps. For the many of you conflicted with a burning desire to see the world and the personal need to live sustainably, this is guilt-free travel!


Carbon Neutral

We couldn’t call ourselves Travel Neutral if we didn’t aim for carbon neutrality.

For the small amount of carbon emissions that your trip generates, we offset it with carbon credits purchased through atmosfair, already included in the cost.

These offsets directly fund renewable energy projects in 15 developing countries around the world.


Sustainability is embedded in every decision we make at Travel Neutral.

From the green alternatives to the authentic encounters, our travel packages are designed for minimum carbon impact, but maximum satisfaction.

We strive to create memorable experiences that promote “slow” travel, emphasizing the connection to the local people, culture, food, and art.

Local Expertise & Network

Our partners are hand-selected in each city based on their professional expertise, their exceptional quality, and their interest in sustainability.

They are committed to delivering an experience that you won’t find in a guidebook.

We only partner with local tour guides, boutique hotels, and small businesses to ensure that your money stays in your travel destination.

Christa Beck Founder of Travel Neutral

Created by and for people who care about the planet

Like you, our founder Christa Beck is a jetsetter with a passion for sustainability. But the tourism sector wasn’t doing enough to help her make easy, eco-responsible decisions while traveling Europe.

That’s when she decided to create an all-inclusive sustainable travel package for Paris – her home base and the No. 1 travel destination in the world. Now, you can enjoy the City of Light on a lighter carbon footprint.

Travel Neutral will soon be expanding to London, Amsterdam, and beyond.

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